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LOCATION    Latitude N 27.47823    Longitude W 82.63976    Elevation 11.5 feet
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Trailer Scope
I've been an active amateur astronomer for nearly four decades.  The instrument shown is my trailer mounted classical cassegrain.  I observe from my home in Bradenton, FL but try to get to darker sky sites whenever possible.  I grew up in East Tennessee and had several observatories at my parents farm.  I always called them Windy Hill ever since I lost an observatory roof due to high winds. My latest observing site, from my home in Florida, is now Windy Hill 5 because of the steady coastal breezes it receives.


Water Vapor Satellite Image
WATER VAPOR SATELLITE IMAGE                                     courtesy of Unisys Weather
Nam 300 Image
Radar Image
Courtesy of Unisys Weather       WINDSPEED LOOP