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Jonn Serrie is one of the premiere synthesizer artists producing "space music" with broad audience appeal.  His music has been enjoyed by radio listeners and planetarium patrons around the world.  Jonn is also one of the few artists of this genre that is equally at home performing live concerts of his many works.

With 20 publically released CD recordings, and more on the way, his music is perfect for many planetarium production needs.  Geographics Imaging is pleased to represent Jonn for both concert bookings and licensing of his Professional Space Music CD library for in-house production work with royalty free show sales included.  If you are interested in learning more about a concert booking or licensing his music for your facility, please contact us for details.

Below are just a sampling of his featured concert themes...

Upon a Midnight Clear (recommended dates: From Thanksgiving up until Christmas
Jonn brings a new perspective to the season with his own unique renditions of the old and the new. Atmospheric and romantic, Upon a Midnight Clear makes the connection between where we are at this time of year and what's beyond...

Lumia Nights (Ideal for Valentine's Day or any romantic period or occasion)
His music has won him critical acclaim and a reputation as the foremost composer of romantic space music.  "Lumia Nights: Romance under the Stars" is an experience encompassing the universe of both sound and sense.  Smooth gentle melodies and graceful space journeys surround you in an atmosphere of romantic elegance.

Space Stories (Great anytime! Ideal for major corporate sponsors)
With astronaut Story Musgrave's personal collection of photographs and reminisces from his many missions aboard the Space Shuttle and Jonn Serrie's unique live space music as soundtrack, Space Stories offers a delightful and entertaining journey into the worlds of these two top professionals.
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